I was a single mom since before my youngest daughter was born in 2006. It was a hard time for me, as I had two other children. My two oldest children’s father was a very bad person. I left him before I found out I was pregnant with my second child. He was a very abusive man, and he also went to prison for 7 years for an undisclosed reason I do not want to share. A little while later, I met my youngest child’s father. He was out of the picture once she was born. I had to go back to work, even though I really could not afford daycare. I met with a nice lady. Her husband was a pastor. She took my financial situation in consideration and helped me out so much! A few weeks later, I began going to their church. Their church was a blessing in disguise. I remember the first time I prayed again! I remember receiving the Holy Ghost and putting all my worries and trust into Him. I loved God so much!!

A couple years later, I met my husband in 2008, and we married very fast. I eventually quit attending church, quit praying, quit leaning my trust in God. My life became something else. My faith was still there, but it was hiding, afraid to come out. My husband and I separated, and I moved to Springfield in 2013. When I moved here, I knew my children would have their other family, but I left my family back home. I came here with the kids, my car filled up with our belongings, and our cat. I knew no one. I had found the Single Moms group through one of my online friends who shared a Valentine event. I registered for it. I was nervous because I had no idea how welcoming and encouraging it was going to be. There was a woman speaker, and hearing her story made me feel so good. Knowing this group of women were there for each other, and who were all going through the same things as a mother, I did not feel alone anymore. Having a group to help you when in need, to be inspiring, to be kind, and to share the word of God, is what I needed a long time ago. I love the almighty Father again. I instill that into my children, and they love Him as well. My faith has grown over these past couple years since I joined the Single Moms group and I know there will always be someone there to help me continue to grow, share their story, and to be inspiring. A verse that stands out to me is from Psalms: Answer me when I call to you, Give me relief from my distress, Be merciful to me and hear my prayers. I fell away from His word. I broke down and prayed one night and gave my all back to Him. God’s mercy is always there for me; although I am not perfect, His grace is always around my children and I.
— Lisa M. Smith

This weekend, I was flying back to Missouri from seeing family in S.C. I starting talking to the girl beside me. We actually knew people in common. She told me about SingleMomzRock, and I found your site this morning. I have sat here at my desk at work and laughed, cried and been overjoyed at seeing there is this group that I have searched for, for years!! I looked at the FB posts, and oh my gosh can I relate! THANK YOU for starting this. I had no idea it existed!
— Mindy

I went to my first SMR meeting one day after I found out I was going to be a single mom.  My friend  invited me to go with her and I didn’t really want to go but I did for my friend. Walking into that room was a strange and overwhelming experience. I felt like my whole identity changed in that second. I was “coming out” as a single mom. The support I received at SMR was immediate. That first year while I struggled with my new identity, the mechanics of the divorce, and all the emotions that go with it, I had other women praying and struggling right with me, mentors who had already lived through it, and even brand new, terrified single moms like I was in my first meeting. Another aspect of SMR that touched me is the care that was given to my children. Most single mom’s groups in my opinion almost treat the kids like an after thought. They may be given some snacks and babysat during the meeting, but barely tolerated. SMR treasures my children. They are given a “fancy dinner” (the words of my ten year old), and a wonderful night with Christian teaching and fun activities. It’s hard to tell who loved going to SMR more, me or my kids! When others in society treat these kids like a nuisance it is deeply healing to have them treated with kindness. This last year with the support of SMR and other resources, I have moved on from the identity of “Single Mom” and I am now moving onto “Healthy Mom”.
— Crystal

Last night, I had the honor of sharing my story with a group of single moms. More than 2 years ago, my mom connected with a wonderful woman who runs a program here, and our first Christmas in our new home was wonderful because of her. I was able to give presents to my kids that I couldn’t have afforded, and they gave me presents. Over the course of time, my mom kept her up to date of all my accomplishments and she continued praying for my success. They both wanted me to be more involved with the group, but because I was either working and in school or working 2 jobs, I didn’t have the time to fit it in. Then a few weeks ago, one of my instructors from college asked me to speak for a group... She wanted me to share my story and encourage other moms. Unbeknownst to me, it was for the same woman, who at that point I still hadn’t met, who’d been praying for me all this time. 
After I spoke last night, Janelle described it as a “God thing” that we had met after so long. I am so thankful that I met her and am now involved with the group. And I am so thankful for my mother, for continuously praying for and encouraging me, for loving and caring for my children, and for always supporting me. I am so thankful for my instructor who was my cheerleader all through school and believed in me. These 3 women played a huge role in my life, one of them being behind the scenes the entire time. 
It totally is a God thing when you can connect with people who shape your life.
— Arlena

I heard about SingleMomzRock on 88.3 The Wind about the mother’s day picnic. I really debated whether to go out or not because I’m terrified of new people and places. I, at that time, had been out of a domestic violence situation for about a year and didn’t really trust anyone. I decided to go anyway because I truly felt God telling me to go. I’m glad I listened. I’ve been to almost every meeting and event since, and this group has truly been a blessing to me and my son. Having other women and that understand where I’ve been and what I’m going through is priceless. Thank you!
— Joy

As a new single mom and all the emotional stresses that go along with it, I can’t imagine my life right now without this non-judgmental group of friends we call family. The resources, support and fun activities we do as a group remind me that I am not alone. As friends for life we will grow and thrive building Godly relationships in the community of single moms. So blessed.
— Donna