Past Events for Momz

SingleMomzRock is all about community and fellowship for single moms. These are some of the past events and past giveaways we have been able to bless our moms with. 


Home Buying Seminar


We had a fantastic group of single moms show up and learn more about home buying and left with HOPE that one day they too could be an owner and not a renter!

Single Moms, Welcome Home. Home Buying Seminar.

On Friday, September 27th at 5pm, Family Home Solutions is partnering with Flat Branch Home Loans and SingleMomzRock to bring you a Home Buying/Selling Seminar to educate single moms on the home buying and selling process.

Thrive Gathering


THRIVE is a one-of-a-kind gathering specifically for single mothers to encourage and empower them to flourish as a single parent. THRIVE offers a variety of speakers on topics relevant to women raising children alone. For 15 years, Arise Ministries has led the country in providing resources to help single moms create healthy homes. Our summer experience is the featured gathering for the year. The 2-day event will include inspirational speakers, connection opportunities with other single moms, breakout sessions, panel discussions, door prizes, and a catered lunch. Single mothers will leave refreshed, recharged, and ready to take on what life brings next. If you're a woman raising children alone, don't miss this unforgettable life-changing event.

Friday, June 21, 5:45 pm - 8:45 pm
Saturday, June 22, 8:15 am - 3:30 pm

$30 per attendee + $5 childcare (family)

Go here for more information.

Our founder, Janelle Reed did a break out session for this event.


Women and Money Event


DURING THIS EVENT, our moms YOU’LL LEARN: During this event our mom’s learned how and why women’s economic clout is growing. They also were taught how day-day realties and expectations can affect their financial future. They gave our mom six steps to hep them take control of their money and help them achieve financial security.

Mom Car Repair Workshop

On the National Day of Service in October of 2018, we were so incredibly humbled by Christian Brothers Automotive Springfield for choosing to work with. Our moms were amazed by their generosity and hospitality towards them. 

And congrats to one of our moms who was given keys to a new to her car because of this project. 

Christian Brothers Automotive Springfield hosted a service day for the ladies of SingleMomzRock! Women were blown away by their kindness. They even gave away a car to a single mom whose car was in poor shape. 

Below are some testimonies from the women they served: 

"[After an oil change] they rotated my tires for free, too. They saw how worn they were and how bad they needed it. I left in tears at the kindness and generosity everyone there displayed. Thank you all for doing this for us!" - Melissa

"[Christian Brothers] are amazing. They changed my oil and my front brakes. I had no idea my breaks needed done. They are also going to work with my on getting my Transmission worked on between my warranty and etc." - Casadee

"I’ve been in and out of the hospital for 2 months now, missing tons of work--unpaid. Sometimes the smallest things like an oil change make the biggest difference. They showed so much respect and they genuinely cared and wanted to help. It truly made my day just to see that light go off. I’ve struggled so hard the last two months being a sole provider. It really warmed my soul to feel that love from complete strangers." - Ashley

Springfield Race Way

image1 (3).jpeg

Springfield Raceway has done it again for us!! If you have never been to the dirt track to watch a race, you won't want to miss this. The kids love it and guess's going to be FREE this Saturday night just for you moms and kids in SMR thanks to Springfield Raceway! 

Tuscan Hill

image1 (5).jpeg

Tuscan Hill has invited us for a movie night on the lawn just for our group! Moms and kids will be able to get together and watch a family-friendly movie on the luscious hills of this beautiful estate property while we are treated with free popcorn, lemonade and water. Please bring your own lawn chairs or blankets to lay on.

Beauty for Your Ashes


Every gal needs a night out to feel pampered and relaxed. The SingleMomzRock pamper events give single moms that opportunity. These events include pampering stations, a free meal, clothing boutiques, and professional-quality portraits of each mom.

Candace Pyan Drawing

Congratulations to Mara and Melissa for being the winners of our VIP meet and greets to see "Chewbacca Mom" Candace Payne with special guest Voices of Lee on November 16th with help from our friends at 88.3 The Wind

Scooter’s Contest

Congratulations Crystal H for winning the $25 gift card from our scooters contest!

The Pumpkin Batch


A trip to the pumpkin patch is an essential for any family. SingleMomzRock and community partners make that possible for the single moms in the Springfield area. This event includes a free pumpkin for each child, hot dog roasting, and a campfire.

Mother and Sons Game Night