The Leap of Faith

What if you took a leap of faith and followed your dream? If you asked me this question, I might laugh in your face or cry depending on the moment of day. However, I have to say neither are responses I want to have. I want to say, “Hell YEAH! Let’s do this.” I have found lately the idea of having faith or even thinking about a dream as a single parent usually makes me want to cry. I know it shouldn’t but it does. It is just the overwhelmed feeling I have when the list is literally a mile long, my child is acting out, and I am having a Murphy’s Law kind of day. I remember a time when I dreamed without limits.  

The dreams I had as a child were to be a ballerina and to be on Broadway. I went to my babysitter’s dance class and I was enthralled with dancing. It was surreal to see how beautiful and graceful they were. After six years of dancing, large cats caught my eye. I watched them on a screen at a sanctuary during my 6th grade science class. It was so cool! I was going to be an exotic animal veterinarian and take care of them. The dream of dancing lasted until my second year of college when I injured my body beyond repair, and this was also the time I gave up my dream to become a veterinary.  

Now over fourteen years have passed since then and I would say life kept going. When I looked back on my life post dreams things still worked out. I managed to pay the bills, get the list done, and take care of my child alone. I lived a life going through the motions, but I was lacking passion for my life. I longed to have the passion I once had that drove me to do the impossible. It was important to look back to see everything that I had accomplished so I could begin to have faith again.

When you decide you are going to leap, jump, and dive into faith it is not easy because it means you have to let go of the fear. I cannot stand on the path to believing in my dreams with faith when fear is in my hands. It will take every bit of faith I have to accomplish my new dream and I will have no time for the fear of the unknown, I can’t do this, I am not enough, or anything else. Once I put down the fear and lay it on the ground and walk away from it, my faith and dreams flourish.

What if you took a leap of faith and followed your dream? 



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