The Final Year

It’s finally Spring y’all! Flowers are blooming. Birds are singing. Rain is falling. The sun shines brighter. And, I’m over here, facing reality. My youngest child is a junior in high school. In about 13 months, I’ll watch him graduate and walk across the stage, getting his diploma.

Being a mom is all I’ve known for 24 years. From the moment I held my oldest son, being a mommy has been my focus. It hasn’t been easy! Three boys in seven years. The diapers, teething, feedings, colds, ER visits, we’ve done it all. All three boys are taller than me now. Two are adults. And my youngest is counting the days to being out of high school.

The Final Year.png

At times, I want to throw a rope around them and make them stop growing! I want to hold on to those carefree days of childhood. I think back to our homeschooling days when we would take our lessons to the nature park and draw what we saw, look at the flowers, and make up glorious stories. And to the times we took vacations! And all the batches of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies I made! And having a houseful of kids, making lots of noise! And when our home split in two, all of us had to find our footing again. But, with the grace of God, we did

Instead, we raise our children to become adults. To explore the world on their own. They make the big decisions on their own. And we pray for them as they step into the world of adulting. I wasn’t always a perfect mom, but I perfectly love my boys. And, when I need something, my boys are there. Fixing the brakes on my car, house-sitting for me when I travel, helping me move, whatever I need, I know they are there.

So, in this last year with kids, I hope my kids are going into the adult world with the important things echoing in their ears:

1.       Always serve God.

2.       Treat that special lady in your life with love and respect. 

3.       Be nice to those around you.

4.       Be grateful for your family.

5.       Follow the Shepherd and hear only His voice. All other voices in your life should be encouraging you to hear Him.

6.       Life gets hard at times, but never become hard against life or against people.

7.       Forgiveness is a way of life.

8.       Joy comes from deep inside you and it will give you strength to carry on

9.       Cling to your church family. They will hold you up with prayer, and meals, when you need it.

10.   Never forget that your momma loves you, prays for you, and is your biggest fan!

Gwendolyn Irene