Learning to Let Go


Letting go is such a simple idea. Words we throw out to others like we somehow have it mastered. Advice we have received ourselves countless times, but once again find a stumbling block. A memory, familiar face, remorse or loneliness. Any will do. They all lead to the same end, “Why can’t I let this go?” We all have our struggles but how we learn to embrace them and move forward tells a greater story than how they began. When God becomes the author of our lives He writes a new ending. A victorious one made from new beginnings. 

I have been a Christian most of my life, but have been on a continuous journey learning how to let go and fully surrender all areas of my heart. He loves me enough to know when to pull me close and when to let me struggle.  The struggles are my breaking points. The moments I call out to him in complete desperation “Lord, please take this burden from me once again!” He tenderly shows his love and reminds me “I have already taken this for you”. How stubborn of me to keep fighting a battle that has already been won. It is a humbling reminder that I am weak, but He is strong. What I am learning to understand is that although the battle has been won, there are other powers at be that want me fighting a shadow. Present in my situation yet distracted from my purpose. Keeping me from fully walking into the fullness in store for me. Keeping my heart in conflict. A conflict that creates condemnation, and misleads my heart. 

God’s design for us is that we are continually changing and becoming more like Christ. Present is all areas of our lives, fully acknowledging the covering of His grace. The moment we accept Him into your heart, He lets it all go for us. There is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus (Romans 8:1). Unfortunately, how many of us have never understood how to fully accept His complete gift grace and atonement of our sins. We shame ourselves and hide in the shadows instead of embracing the imperfections that He sees as perfection. He sees us with the righteousness of Christ even in all our inadequacies. The God of the universe says we are completely forgiven of past, present and future sins, yet we can’t forgive ourselves of our own shortcomings! It is time to let go. Let His grace lead us, free us of condemnation to a better ending. One that exemplifies His goodness and ability to turn our hurts into beautiful creations. We might see our struggles as weaknesses, but He see them as new beginnings. Opportunities for reflections of Him to be interwoven into our stories. 

The hurts I hold onto are not because God isn’t capable of healing them. They have already been healed. He has already taken them. But my time on this earth it’s finished and until it is, I still have a battle to fight with the shadows. I might have to ask him countless more times for his help in letting go, but I know the ending. He is victorious and sees me far better than I will ever see myself. Let us all learn to let go and forgive ourselves of what has already been forgiven. I know He is teaching me one new beginning at a time.