Woman You Are a Warrior


To always stand on the fringe,

On the outside looking in,

To bridge the gap, to claw your way back,

To the surface





When loneliness shreds you apart,

And weariness empties your heart,

Always on the giving end, with never enough to give

Worn thin to oblivion, in the shadow of society built on togetherness

Where is your hope of the shore Woman when the sea wages its war?

But Woman, you are a warrior

When you stand, you stand on your own,

When the other ones fold in lover’s arms,

You stand under the Creator’s wing and cling

To a quiet dream, and every day shoulder the impossible.

Your love is like no other, your love thunders and tears asunder

Your arms and hands are beauty 

Though they are weary, for the little ones they ferry, all alone

There’s no time to fold, there’s no option to quit, no luxury of giving in

For your weariness is precious and your efforts are endless and so far from perfection

But Woman, you are a warrior.

~Brandi Dailey 

Thrive Single Moms