"Forced" New Beginnings

So it's January 2, 2017. You know the saying "New Year, New Me" or "New Year, New Beginnings". Well what if some of those new beginnings that take place aren't even yours? What if they are forced on you? Let me explain and then tell me if you have experienced the same. 

I already know of several life changes coming my way this new year for me. My ex-husband just announced his wedding date to his fiancé. Water is under the bridge with that relationship, but that doesn't mean this won't bring a different perspective to things now. The girls' lives, my life. A new step-mom and step-brother. Also new people to love them and want to be there for them. I've been down this road before; he married after leaving me. So I feel like I am prepared in some odd and strange way. This new beginning isn't even mine, sometimes they come from others, forced as I said. I will embrace it just as I have done once before. I have always said and believed that as long as my girls are well taken care of nothing else really matters, it's just one more person that gets to love them. 

Another life change for me is I will officially have a teenager in my home come March. I have never had a teenager before. She is my first-born. She is a really good girl, kind and compassionate. But I know she'll make some bad decisions. I know there will be a poor choice made here and there. Boys will start coming into the picture and I'm sure she'll want to start spending less time with her family and more time with her friends. This new beginning isn't one that I've chosen, rather I don't have a choice in the matter. I am confident in knowing who we have raised our daughters to be though. I'm looking forward to this new beginning for her to be able to start spreading her wings and becoming the person God made her to be. 

Probably the biggest life change that will happen this year is concerning my employment. I have known for six months that I will be unemployed by the middle of this year. I am grateful that I continue to have my job, others were not as lucky. I will be starting back to school in the coming weeks to finish my Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. I have no clue what I will do when it's time for this next chapter. But I'm not worried. Not even the slightest.  

These are just the ones that I already know about. Life is constantly throwing stuff at us, seeing if we are able to withstand the tide or be swept into the ocean. I can look back at my past; the good, the bad and the ugly, and see it all got me to next step or place that I was meant to be. I know there is a plan set forth, even if I don't know the next move to take yet. So I wait, trust and believe that good things are going to happen in my life. Even through forced new beginnings.


Every Other Weekend:A Poem For My Daughters

Every other weekend it's always the same

I pack your bags and take you away.

Every other weekend we make the drive

The road is long but we survive.

Every other weekend I hug you a little tighter when I say good bye

Trying my best not to cry.

Every other weekend you look forward to seeing your dad

He is as well...so glad.

Every other weekend I make the trip back home

It's such a long road alone.

Every other weekend I have a lot of time

To sit, think and realize.

Every other weekend I never thought it would be

But things happen that you can't change you see.

Every other weekend I make plans to see and do and go

Because all I do is miss you so.

Every other weekend my heart hurts a little more

For what our life was going to be before...

Every other weekend.