So I have this thing about signs. Let me clarify, the kind of signs that I think God sends me to let me know He is still with me. I try to be for the most part very cognitive about those signs and open to their meanings.

I have had a very rough past couple of years and no matter what I did or what I prayed or good deeds I done, it seemed that something would always come along and knock me off my feet. Like for instance coming home to water on my kitchen/dining room WOOD floor because my hot water heater’s pressure valve blew off. Or the time that the IRS let me know that I owed over $6000 for taxes from 2014…oh and they were auditing me. Or what about that time that I got too close to the curb and I busted my front tire and just so happened my cell phone was dead, ending up driving on my rim to the closest gas station to ask for a phone book for the attendant to only tell me they don’t have phone books anymore. Or there was that one time when I started a brand new job and then one month later found out they were closing. Oh…I have more, but you get my point!

In October of last year I decided I needed a break. A break from a lot of things and I needed to get centered again. I had lost myself somewhat and never healed from things fully. I got off social media, I took a break from running SingleMomzRock, I backed away from all extracurricular volunteering and duties as well. I needed to focus on me, truly healing ME.

This time has been wonderful. I notice things differently now. Things seem clearer to me, more bright. I laugh harder and smile more. Even just the little things I will notice, a sky full of stars or the birds and where their nests are in trees. Things we just take for granted.

A couple months ago, I was driving my girls to volleyball practice and we pass over a lake to get there. I was fully paying attention to the road. I didn’t have anything else really on my mind or nothing else was pre-occupying my attention. As I was on the bridge, I just happen to look to my right and I see the most beautiful creature flying right next to me, a bald eagle. Our area is known for being able to capture some sights of eagles, especially during nesting time. But I had never seen one up close like that in my life (besides in the zoo). He was so truly majestic, wings open fully and flying right next to the car. I squealed in excitement and told the girls to look over there, look at the bald eagle flying right next to us! They were like, “cool mom”. Ya…I get it.

I immediately called my mom and told her. She has been a bald eagle lover since I could remember. Her and dad will still to this day just go and hop in the truck and take off driving down the road just to catch a glimpse of one. I told her that I thought this was a sign that I saw the eagle flying right next to me. Maybe…just maybe things were looking up for me. She agreed.

The following week, I was once again driving. This time to my ex-husband’s house. We go over another small river but different from the one I just described. I take this road all the time and I have never before seen anything like what I saw this day. As I was driving over the small bridge, I look to my left and right in the middle of the water is a bald eagle. He was sitting on a rock that stuck out just enough from the height of the water that it looked like he was just sitting right in the middle of that river. It was calm, he was obviously calm. It was so amazingly beautiful. I wish I could have taken a picture of it.

I, once again, called my mom and told her. How ironic that twice in two weeks I would see this majestic bird that I’ve never seen up close and personal in all my life. How they have both been on the water, over bridges. And for me to actually be in a state of mind that I saw them! I wasn’t busy with something else or busy in my own head, I actually saw them.

I texted another friend of mine asking, what could this mean? Being spiritual, they immediately referenced Isaiah 40:31. In the message translation it says, “But those who wait upon God get fresh strength. They spread their wings and soar like eagles, they run and don’t get tired, they walk and don’t lag behind.” I was in tears. Yes, of course, why didn’t I think about this scripture?

I have run and run and run. I grew weak and tired. I needed a break. I needed to be refreshed. By taking time off to really allow myself what I needed, I was able to see those eagles…even one soaring

I know I will run into more moments of chaos in my life. There will always be things that happen, and I will get frustrated. I don’t know if you believe in signs like I do. But for me, those two eagle sightings were hard to not take as signs. Signs of renewed hope and strength. Signs to slow down and notice things…like how blue the sky is. Signs that God has me…always, and He’s right here beside me.

Have you had any moments in your life that you thought were signs? I would love to hear about them!