Scooter's Coffee

The new Scooter's Coffee located at 2930 S Campbell Ave.

The new Scooter's Coffee located at 2930 S Campbell Ave.

Last Friday, October 13th, I was invited to stop by the new Scooter's Coffee in Springfield, MO for their Grand Opening. Needless to say,  no one had to twist my arm to go try out a new coffee shop and I am so glad I did...for several reasons.

This first Scooter's location in Springfield is a Drive-Thru only and it was a lovely fall day in the Ozarks, almost warm even. One of the team members was outside in the Drive-Thru passing out swag as they were doing giveaways during certain times of the day. She was greeting all customers with a friendly smile and a welcome. Taking their order on the tablet so it would be ready when they pulled up to the window.

The menu is easy to navigate with lots of delectable choices! They have hot, iced, or "blenders" coffee, smoothies, and teas. They even a great selection of food choices to satisfy the crave that comes at 6am before those early morning meetings or at 3pm for that afternoon pick-me-up. I have heard the cinnamon rolls are to die for, I'm getting that next time I'm there!

They also have a Scooter's Coffee mobile app. This app allows customers to quickly pay for purchases by scanning a barcode linked to a registered Scooter’s Coffee gift card.  Right now they are having a half off discount available on the mobile app ONLY, this is good through Friday, October 20th. The app also includes a loyalty program and other features. Acting as a digital punch card, customers earn Smiley Faces when they use the app for purchases, then can redeem their Smiley Faces for a free drink after collecting 12. In addition, the app will enable customers to access special offers, view the nearest locations, browse the full Scooter’s Coffee menu and track purchases. So yes, you need to download the app ASAP! 

But free coffee is better right?? Well you can enter for a chance to win a $25 gift card to any Scooter's location right here, right now! How cool is that? Make sure you share on your facebook page for that specific entry and go like the local Scooter's Coffee page while you're there.

I was greeted by store owner, Mary Rolf, and she invited my friend and I to come in and check the new digs out. As you can tell, the space set up for the Drive-Thru only location is just enough for the employees at hand. There were four working that day and they were constantly busy the entire time I was there. But one team member graciously stopped long enough to make me my own Scooter's Coffee, yes I am (or was) a Scooter's virgin. 

I asked Mary what she recommended and immediately she told me that her favorite was the signature drink, Caramelicious Blender with chocolate added. So I got a large regular, no chocolate, (whip cream is a must) and I was impressed. Scooter's says this about the Caramelicious Blender, "Our sweet signature fuses World-Class Espresso with rich, velvety caramel sauce and ice cream base. This staple is topped with fluffy whipped cream and drizzled with caramel sauce." It was velvety smooth, the amount of caramel was just right, it wasn't too rich, and yes you could taste the espresso wonderfully. It was gone before I got back to my car!

While I received the tour, Mary and I got a chance to chat and this is another reason I am so glad I stopped by. Her husband, John, and her bought into the Scooter franchise. They have already broke ground for their second location in Springfield, on East Sunshine, and they have plans for more locations in the 417 area! (I heard a Nixa location is possible...shhhhhh don't tell anyone!)

To see her light up when talking about this new passion of hers was a special part of my day. We connected almost immediately. She has been a stay-at-home mom now for several years, and decided that she needed something for herself. The kids would be starting school soon and she didn't want to be at home all the time. She wanted to be involved in her community. She wants to make a difference. Man, could I relate to that. Also, being a mom to two young girls, she knows the importance of sharing with them that "mom has her own dreams." I have no doubt that these girls will grow up to be such strong, independent women because of seeing their mom follow her own dreams. 

I left Scooter's with not only an excellent blended coffee drink...but I also left with a new friend.

Janelle Reed, founder of SingleMomzRock, and Mary Rolf, owner of Scooter's Springfield.

Janelle Reed, founder of SingleMomzRock, and Mary Rolf, owner of Scooter's Springfield.

SingleMomzRock wishes you an abundance of success bringing Scooter's to 417 and we can't wait to follow you on your journey chasing your dreams. 

Janelle Reed, Founder