Children, emotions and all things “grown up”

Parenting through a storm. That’s a loaded topic, isn’t it? So when I was thinking about what to write this month I thought, well technically right now I don’t have a storm I’m going through that has to do with parenting. But then when I truly thought about it, everything in every other aspect of my life whether good or bad, has an effect on my children. Do you agree?

As a single parent, when I am struggling with something or dealing with a hard issue I don’t have another parent to turn to and help me with getting through that issue. And being the type of person that wears my heart on my sleeve, my emotions are hard to hide sometimes. My children see that. Some of you may say that we, as parents, need to keep our personal lives completely separate from our children’s lives. And yes, I agree to a certain point. But I think it’s ok for them to see us as real people with real emotions sometimes too.

I want my daughters to see me as strong but know that my life is not a bowl of cherries either. I really don’t want them growing up having unrealistic expectations about life. Life is and will be hard at times. But I do want to show them who they can always lean on in those hard times and during their struggles!

The book of Job is one of the best books of the Bible to teach on just that, showing struggles but that by continuing to have faith in the Lord, He will redeem us. Job had everything anyone would ever want. The family, the wealth, the possessions and was a social butterfly. Then God let Satan test Job and each of those things were destroyed. Job was left with nothing…except his faith. God doesn’t play favorites. No one in this life will miss hardships.

Lately, in our home, we have been doing a lot of praying…praying for each other, praying for our emotions and how we can control them. As a mother to young daughters, that is important to teach at a young age. As women, especially, I feel we tend to let our emotions run our lives sometimes. I know I still struggle with this.

So do you agree about showing your children your real emotions from time to time or do you protect them from all things “grown up”? I would love to hear your responses.