Reach Out

Sometimes my depression and anxiety hit me like a freight train - which has been happening a lot lately. It takes everything in me to drag myself out of bed, I can't hold a conversation to save my life, and my days just kind of blend in to each other.

But I'm a single mom. I don't have the option to lay in bed all day while someone else does the adulting. I have to put on a brave face, drop my daughter off, go to work, pick her up, go to the store, make dinner, make a second trip to the store for whatever I forgot (because that's inevitable), and pray I have enough in me to make it through bath time and bed time.

Moms don't get days off. Single moms don't get breaks. When the world starts feeling heavier, we strap up and handle it, but we handle it alone. We bear the full weight of whatever life throws our way and hope for the best. I have a tendency to isolate myself. My mind convinces me that shutting everyone out will somehow make my life easier.

I woke up this morning and realized I'm not alone at all. I come into contact every day with women that endure the same battles, hardships, long days, and sleepless nights as I do. Women from all walks of life that may need someone in their corner as badly as I do. Women that are fighting anxiety or depression or loneliness, all while doing a 2 person job alone.

Instead of isolating myself, I'm going to force myself to start reaching out. We already go through parenthood alone, we shouldn't have to go through life alone too.

Jamie Arnold