Feel Too Much Love Too Deep

Sometimes I feel like I am too much for this world. For this life. I feel too much and love too deep. 

A dear friend of mine reminded me that I'm more than one in a billion. Her only real wish for me is for me to see myself the way God sees me. Friends will say that to me a lot, I guess they see something that I don't most of the time.

But I do know that I was made this way. To feel too much and love too deep. A couple of my best attributes are also a couple of my biggest curses. 

Someone that I got out of a recent relationship with just told me that he wanted me to love. I asked him, "Love what?" He said, "I just want you to love. Whatever that means and looks like for you. You're amazing at it."

I reminded him that obviously I was better at loving than being loved...