Enjoy the Journey

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It’s August. The weather is hot. Kids are bored. And school supplies are filling the aisles! Our school district has started calling parents and sending emails with updates on transportation and schedule pick-up. The High School football schedule has been released.

Some families are ready for school to start. Other families wish there were a few more weeks left to prepare! For me, I’m ready for the start of a new school year. It’s just easier to keep my Munchkin and me on a schedule.

My son told me last year some of the things he deals with at school. It is definitely a different world out there. It’s funny how different things are. I went to the same high school. But my kids have seen more things then I did. For one, we didn’t have smartphones and social media.

However, we don’t have to walk in fear and worry about our children. Now is a great time to have some talks with these kiddos. I have boys, and I’ve found that some of our best conversations have happened in the car or when we were cooking dinner together.

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What was the worse thing that happened to you last year?

What helped you get through it?

What was the best thing that happened last year?

What are you looking forward to the most?

What things do we need to work on for this next year?

Now, don’t get concerned if you don’t get detailed information or if they look at you like you’ve lost your marbles! It may be a few days, but at some point, they’ll tell you things. Maybe not all of it. But, the fact that you care will help them through the hard times.

The other important thing is to start praying about the upcoming school year with your kids. Every night, pray over their school, pray for good friendships, and pray for them to know that God is always with them.

The last thing I would recommend is asking them what they want to accomplish this year. Maybe it’s something simple, like not falling asleep in class. Or maybe, they don’t want to cuss. Perhaps they want to meet a person who likes doing the same things they like to do. Whatever it is, put it down on paper and hang it somewhere, they can see it every day. Then remind them that nothing is too big for God and He loves us so much that He wants these good things for us.

Buying school supplies and new clothes is exciting, but when it comes to preparing for a new school year with your kids, remember that some of the most essential things are communicating with them, praying with them, and encouraging them to dream big!

Whether you’re sending your oldest to kindergarten or graduating your youngest from high school, remember to have a great year and to enjoy the journey!

Gwendolyn Irene