Don't Give Up On Prayer

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How many of you remember the book “Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret?  It was the book every girl by sixth grade wanted to read.  This girl had a major problem, so she thought, and she needed God to hear her and answer her in a hurry before her life fell apart.  Isn’t that just like us?  Thinking that when our prayers are not answered right away or when things do not go the way we plan, we wonder where God is.  I spent a lot of days wondering, where is God.  From the time when I was homeless with my children, to wondering where I was going to get money for groceries, or when my gas was cut off in the middle of winter.  I asked, where are you, God?  It seemed like I prayed and prayed, tried to live right the best I could; while raising six children alone with no child support.  Praying and waiting was not a good feeling for me, and I struggled with it in my early years of being a single mom.    

A lot of times as single moms, we say, “God, where are you?” or “Are you there, God?” We have so many things going on in our lives and a lot of them we do not want to talk about or think about, but life happens, and it can be extra hard on a single parent who has no support system.  When struggles come into our lives, and we know we have prayed, we feel God has deserted us; much like Margaret did in this story.  Waiting on God can be very frustrating if you do not know how to wait.  You can not wait on God complaining and looking for plan B &C, this will only make the wait longer, and the situation seems unbearable.  Most of the time we do like Margaret did when she was upset with God for not letting her get her period, she stopped talking to Him.  Margaret did not realize it was not her turn, and someone who is reading; this needs to know that God’s delay is not denial; it is just not your time.  Yes, girlfriend; that situation that you are frustrated about God hears your prayers, but He is saying not right now.  I know, it is hard to hear; but sometimes we must wait.  As I look back on the situations I wrote about, and I looked over my life, I was on the verge of totally giving up; not only on God but on life.  Thank goodness I did not give up because life did get better for us as the years went by.  

If your prayer life is not where it needs to be, now is the time to get it right; not stray away from prayer.  This time ask for understanding when your prayer.  Pray and spill out your whole heart, holding nothing back.  Then sit quietly after you pray and listen to hear the still small voice of God giving you direction.  Remember, that sometimes God says wait, but that is not denial.  Waiting hurts, and it is not easy, but once you see the outcome of your waiting, you will see why God’s timing is the best timing.  I know there are some of you doubting right now, probably saying to yourself; but I have been waiting for years for things to change.  Yes, I understand.  I am asking you to hold on and do not give up, things are going to get better for you and your children.  There are resources in your area that can help you, seek them out.  Ask someone if you do not know where to go to get help or assistance.  Keep praying and believing, it is not in vain.  

Carmelita M