I was just mowing my lawn. I mean, some of life’s answers become distinctively clear during lawn-mowing, right?

A simple thought was all it started as. A question: “What am I doing to become better?”

“Better” is one of those words that has a negative connotation — people think they’re better than others; this is better than that (denoting there’s a loser or an underdog), but for me, it’s a positive. Only positive. Here’s why: I’m here to get better.

Not “better” as in there’s something inherently wrong with me, but better as in: How can I be more of the person I want to be today than I was yesterday? And I guess that starts with answering who I want to be, ultimately.

Who I want to be is a great mom who’s financially independent, fearless, capable, patient, kind to others, healthy, generous in my time and my giving, able to accomplish her goals, who has amazing friends and long-lasting friendships, whose kids’ friends all wish they had a mom like. A woman who fears the Lord and is confident in being who she is, no matter where she is or who she’s around. But I want strong opinions and even stronger convictions and I want to stand by what’s right just because it’s right. I want to live my dreams and focus on my kids’ futures and just be happy with life, knowing that every moment counted.

That’s what I want.
And is that too much to ask?
I don’t think so.
But is that who I am?

So while I pushed that mower through small piles of acorns and sparse tufts of grass that mainly consisted of dandelions, I asked myself: “What’s keeping me from getting better, then?”

And it occurred to me that it’s distractions. Distractions keep me from setting and achieving goals, keep me from being who I want and need to be. Distractions take me off the path of what’s right and good and keep me from pouring into others’ lives.

I don’t know what kind of distractions are in your life today, and I don’t have a clue what can make you better today than you were yesterday. But I do know this: You’re capable of making the decision to be the best you that you can be. And you probably know what’s distracting you from that. It might be a relationship you need to cut out, it may be a lie you’ve been telling yourself for years, it may be that you’ve been irresponsible and reckless with a person in your life, it may be that you just need to put down your phone for awhile and go be a mom.

I don’t know what’s keeping you from becoming better.

But I do know that until you decide to do something about it, nothing will change.

Take a second today and write down your goals. Big ones, small ones … whatever they are, write them down. Heck, go mow your lawn if you need inspiration. Take a small step today toward making your goals a reality.

Let the distractions go.
Become better.

Michelle Stormzand